T-minus 17 days!

Oh my word!!!

We are a little bit more than two weeks away from our CDTS!! How did this happen? How did it creep up on us so quickly? What in the world were we thinking?

We are so blown away by everything that this adventure has had in store for us so far.  I know I keep saying this, but seriously, anyone who would have told us we would be packing up our van with our four kids and heading over 1,000 miles eastish a year ago, 5 years ago and definitely 10 years ago would have been in serious need of mental evaluation.

But here we are! We have been obedient, patient and now pushing towards another hurdle in this race! We will not give up, we will not lose focus and we will continue to push forward into what lies ahead of us!

Thank you to everyone who has graciously supported our family, without you, none of this would have been put into action and we are beyond grateful!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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