From the valleys to the mountains…

We are here in Colorado for our Crossroads Discipleship Training School with YWAM. It has been a challenging transition for our family to leave home, be away from family and be in an entirely new community setting and rigorous schedule. But we are so grateful for this time to commit to the Lord all of our will.

Joey and I continue to seek God about what is next for us after this six months and although it’s weighing heavy on our hearts we know that so much of what we are doing is about the journey. Wherever we end up will be a direct resolve to the way that God is molding our hearts to hear his voice more clearly, to serve more diligently and to function fully in the way he created us.

This morning in our women’s small. group time one of the leaders asked, “What is your passion?”

What an amazing thought provoking question. Maybe you know without a doubt what your answer would be, but if you are anything like me, it stirs something deep inside me that I just can’t put my finger on.

For the last 10 years Joey and I have been so focused on surviving life that we haven’t had much time to think about our passions. We started right out of high school having two little babies, dealing with a marriage that was barely functioning, adding more kids in the mix and struggling many years to just make rent and put food on the table. We haven’t had the brain capacity to dream beyond our circumstances. Yet even in those times God had placed a hidden jewel down in our souls that we couldn’t ignore.

And now here we are, we’ve matured, our marriage is stable, and with the amazing support from our friends and family we are able to take this time to regroup, refocus, to dig deep and find out what those hidden passions are.

We see the mountain tops in the distance. We see the culminating purpose of why God took us through the valleys in our life. We are pushing forward up the steep slopes to find those hidden treasures and in the end we will commit it all back to The Lord for Him to use.

Within the next couple weeks we should know specifically where our family will be going on outreach. Learning about the different countries and cultures has deepened our love for these people we have yet to meet. We are excited to see how our new found passions and God’s perfect purpose will collide to reach those in need.

Please continue to pray for our family as we continue on this journey…

2 thoughts on “From the valleys to the mountains…

  1. Kim Kautzer says:

    Your post brought so much joy to my heart, La. You guys have come so far! Praying that God will reveal those “hidden jewels” to you.

  2. laurelizzy says:

    Kim, we are so grateful for the role you and Jim have played in our lives. We have been enriched by your love and guidance through so many seasons… lots of love!

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