Central Asia or Bust!

We leave for Central Asia in TWO DAYS… I can’t believe it! I feel as if I am on auto pilot at this point getting the last minute details handled and packing. I am sure it will hit me sooner rather than later when that plane starts heading towards a distant horizon.

Lots of things have been going through my mind these last few days, excitement, nervousness, gratitude…

How awesome is this opportunity to spend two months with my entire family living in another country?!?! The kids have never been on a plane and are super excited about flying. We love the team we are going with and really want to see God move and shape our lives while we serve Him. It is amazing to me to see all the little details God has knit together.

But oh how I am nervous. I am leaning fully into my strength and composure that I get from Jesus. I am relatively calm for me, but I am nervous about the long flight, jet lag, getting settled into our new place, and hoping that we don’t offend every local in our community with our ignorant American ways. I’m concerned about my kids getting sick or hurt or just being unhappy, no one wants to see their kids unhappy. I’m unsure about the food and the toilets, OH THE TOILETS! We’ve all been practicing the squatty potty stance, totally hilarious and scary! I should post pics, huh?

But oh how grateful I am… Typing this while all my little family is still asleep I am filled with emotions of relief and thankfulness that my God is so gracious to me. Relief because Jesus has taken so many of my burdens and has gone beyond anything I could imagine to prove himself to be good and just and kind. I don’t want to brag here, but my family is pretty freakin’ awesome! My husband is the love of my life and has risen to a place of leadership and authority in our fam, he loves Jesus and he loves us. He’s gentle and has a true heart of service not only for the kids and me, but for others too! His character and actions are exceedingly different than the boy I met so many years ago. And my kids… Geez I love them so much. Each one of them unique and full of talents and gifts. Each one with their own struggles and quirks but God is so faithful to them. I love seeing them grow and mature and it’s pure joy when they find their own voice and ideas. It’s just amazing to me how God was able to restore our family. He took something so distorted and broken and is now putting us all back together to be able to reach others. What a rare blessing it is. We hope that from the overflow of all that God is pouring into us we can be a light and refresh others.

And you guys, God is so faithful! We have only a balance of $334.60!! We are blown away by people’s generosity and the response to God’s voice to give! Over $8k has flooded in a little over a week… If that isn’t testimony of his provision and goodness I don’t know what is! Thank you to each of you who walk with us on this journey!

Lastly, Can I ask you to be praying for us as we head out? Sometimes we can ask that and people shoot up a quick prayer, me included, but we really need people backing us in this time more than ever. If you could write our names on your prayer lists, share our names in prayer chains and bible studies, commit a day to intercede for us, we would be so grateful. We believe fully that God will go before us with every step we take and we know that he has brought our family into Central Asia for such a time as this.

Thank you all so much, here’s to the next 48 hours of prep! Hopefully we will survive the 30+ hours of travel and we will try to update when we can get internet access!

Lots of love,

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  1. Maria Manso says:

    Will keep you in my prayers. I know the Lord will show His overwhelming love, tenderness, peace and grace over you because He delights in you!!!

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