Central Asia – My Child Loves the Nations

We were not able to share much while we were in Central Asia. Limited access to internet and time difference prevented us from having much contact with the side of the world we call home. But over the last few weeks our desire to share what all God did in, through and around us has weighed heavy on my heart. I am hoping that I can somehow recapture those missed days and convey our family’s story! Slowly, I am hoping to share with you some of the highlights…

We arrived at the children’s home by taxi. One of the local women went with us so we wouldn’t get lost.  I had been to the children’s home before to scout out if it would be too overwhelming for our kids, but wouldn’t have been able to communicate with the taxi driver or find it on my own. Joey and I had decided that it would be best for Makenna and Noah to stay back at the house, so there we were, the four of us, in front of the children’s home greeted by a semicircle of other workers ready to head in. We invited God to be a part of our day and then split up into groups. Some going to the more severely disabled kids to help bathe and feed lunch, two other groups split between the boys and girls of the more capable kids to do a craft. We went with the group going to the girls. Isaiah and Kyla walked closely to Joey and I as we headed down the dirt road between the little bungalows that housed all the kids, painted tires buried halfway lined the path that we walked and clothes ranging in many sizes hung along the fence line to dry from the days laundry. We arrived to the building where the girls lived and as we walked up the stairs the girls ran out the door to greet us, yelling, clapping, pulling Kyla by the hand to play with them. Kyla followed hand in hand with a girl, her hair cut short like all the others, she was drooling a bit as she smiled and laughed, her well worn clothes, sporting “never give up” across the chest were a bit dirty as were her hands and feet. We sat in a circle with the girls on the floor of their home and began our craft time by pulling out sheets of stickers and foam shapes to stick them on. Some of the girls were not able to peel the stickers off the backing on their own so Isaiah and Kyla sat next to the girls and patiently helped peel stickers asking which one the girls wanted next. No language was exchanged, but small sign language and smiles. We stayed with the girls for over an hour and as we left walking out the same road we had come we asked Isaiah and Kyla how they were and what they thought. Kyla instantly lit up talking about how the girls were so nice and that they ran to greet her. Isaiah said the conditions were better than he expected and that they were kids just like them. They were excited for the possibility to maybe visit the kids again. Isaiah wanted to meet the boys. My momma heart was proud. Isaiah and Kyla both showed such love, care and patience as they assisted the girls with the craft project. It was not easy for them to give up their own lives while we went on this adventure to Central Asia and yet they gained more than I could have ever imagined.

We have been home from Central Asia for a over two weeks now and we often talk about the people we have met half a world away. While doing the breakfast dishes this morning with Kyla we chatted. “Mom, if we ever go back to Central Asia can I bring my old clothes to give to the girls in the orphanage?” I think that is an amazing idea, my sweet thoughtful Kyla girl… and then my heart was full, we made the right choice, we say yes, we continue to obey, my child has a love for the nations…

*Sorry for not having pictures, we were asked not to take pictures while at the children’s home.

One thought on “Central Asia – My Child Loves the Nations

  1. Maria Manso says:

    Dear Laurel & Joey My heart is filled with joy and thanksgiving for you and all the Lord has done in your lives and in the lives of your children. He is such a awesome wonderful faithful… Father and He has given you a great opportunity to share in the things of His Kingdom.
    I pray you will keep hearing His voice and following in blessed obedience the desires of His heart for you!

    May you always feel His loving hands on your shoulders and keep your ears, eyes, hearts and minds open to what He is doing in you. Enjoy the journey! It is awesome!!!

    Much love to you all. Hugs,


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