Mexico – Childbirth Education and Doula Seminar

In October, I was able to attend a two week training in Ensenada, Mexico by myself. This was a huge stretching exercise for our family. In the last decade that I have been a wife and mom, I have only been away from Joey and the kids for a day or two. But while we were in Central Asia, God spoke to me about going to this conference and even miraculously provided the funds. So, even with the anticipation of being away and not fully at ease, I knew I needed to go. I was looking forward to a chance to be myself and I craved space to think, learn, breathe, discover news facets of who I am and reconnect with God.




My time in Mexico was so rewarding as I was able to learn and spend time with like minded women in my class and our amazing instructors.  All of us came from different seasons of life , but share the same passion to work in Women’s Health. We discussed the different injustices that women face and talked strategy on how we can help educate women to have a healthier, more successful and comfortable birth experience. We rehearsed labor scenarios, comfort techniques for pain and watched videos of different labors and deliveries. I was able to student teach in front of my peers and was affirmed in my natural teaching abilities. And soon, after I finish more reading and attend more births, I will be certified to teach Childbirth Education and be a Certified Doula.


And beyond that I built relationships over morning coffee and evening walks on the beach. I had time and quiet to listen to the Lord and hear His gentle reassurance. I missed my husband and kids so much, but knew I was where I was suppose to be. Like many times in my life it was clear that God had weaved one more piece into His perfect purpose for me. This time away sparked more passion in my heart for women during these important maternal seasons and equipped me with skills to be effective in nurturing and caring for families in the U.S. and globally on the mission field.




It seems to be a theme in my life these days that God brings up my personal experiences to enhance what He is teaching me, all in preparation for me to walk into the journey ahead.




And if you were wondering, Joey did an amazing job while I was away. I am so grateful to have a partner that is so capable and loving to care for our kids. It’s an honor to be his wife. Here is a video he made of the two weeks we were apart.