Small Things Become Clear

A couple weeks ago I went to a women’s Christmas tea with a friend. At the tea I met a woman who has served in Africa with her family and now lives in San Diego area working as a MFT. I am still always blown away how God puts specific people in our lives at certain times when we need it.

We sat and chatted about our past experiences and talked about what God is doing now in our families. I told this woman how we are really trying to obey God, but in this season of support raising and being home we don’t feel active in what God is asking. We are learning that this is a common feeling for people like us, in transition and waiting. She helped give words to how I feel as we are between what is ‘home’ and where we are called to live.

She said something to me that has been playing through my mind for a couple weeks. She said, “Isn’t it just as important to listen to what God is saying as it is to obey.”  Woh! Smack me in the face — or heart, why don’t you.

So many times it’s not about doing the right or wrong thing, but choosing to respond to what He is SAYING!

Am I listening?

Of course if we hear we will OBEY… we want to please our Father, but am I being intentional to quiet my heart and give time for the Spirit to speak to me. We are learning that God has given us this wider picture of what our calling is, but it is still our responsibility to continually ask for the details. When I am discouraged He is the one that can reassure my heart and guarantee that my every step is firm. He is clearing a path for me and my family and if I listen to where he is leading THEN I can obey and follow.

This journey isn’t one I would give up and when God uses a stranger to speak directly into my heart, small things become clear. I am in awe, I am grateful that I serve a living, present God.

We will be heading to YWAM Colorado Springs in just a few weeks. We have watched God provide for our every need in this season and raise up a Support team that we are honored to represent. Thank you to those who have responded generously!

We are still looking for a few more people to join our financial support team to cover the gap in our budget.

If you feel led to come alongside our family please look for giving information under the support tab.