October 2015 – From Joey

Hi everyone, this is the first update letter I have written.

(Laurel always writes these, so here I go.)

God has us taking the School of Strategic Missions (SOSM) and we are in class from 8:30 to 12:30 and then again from 3:30 to 5:30. This week we are learning about world views and how to connect to people with other world views. We love to learn new ideas about the nations and how to apply them in everyday life for when we return to Central Asia or here in our own nation. This is a big deal to Laurel and I because one of the words that God has giving us is missions starts were you stand.

One thing that I wanted to point out is that we can not do this without you and the support we receive from our friends, family and churches. In class today some one said that we are only the tip of the arrow, but need the rod, the bow, the string, the people pulling back and releasing us into this journey so we can fly.

So I am asking everyone that reads this letter to please pray and see what God is saying in supporting us in this journey that God has asked my family to. Without you, without the body of the church we can’t be successful . We value your prayers and encouragement. And if you are led we still have a financial need to cover the cost of our school fees.

As for the rest of us:

Noah Started Preschool and he loves it.

Makenna turned 6 years old!

Isaiah, Kyla and Makenna are continuing home schooling. Laurel is doing a great job on keeping up the kids schoolwork as well as her own homework.

I am keeping up on my homework too. I forgot how hard school can be, but it is all for the Lord and he is teaching us new things in this season. I am still Head of security at the base trying to keep the 150 staff and families safe.

Thank you to those of you that respond and are a part of this journey with us.

(and Laurel, Isaiah, Kyla, Makenna and Noah)