October 2015 – SOSM Week 3

Since starting School of Strategic Missions (SOSM), our family eats in the cafeteria almost every day. The food is good and the fact that I don’t have to do the dishes is well worth the small fee we pay. Today someone in line at lunch asked me what I was learning in SOSM.

I responded, “This week’s topic is community development.”
“No, I asked you what YOU were learning.“
What am I learning?

I am learning that I will not save the world.

I’m learning that my world view is contradictory to the way God looks at things.

I’m learning that I have to look at the root of issues instead of dealing with the fruit.

I’m learning that I have roots that I have some rotten roots.

I’m learning that I better deal with these roots now instead of it creeping up later.

I’m learning that I need more of Jesus.
It’s the end of week three and we are tired. It’s been long days and a lot of juggling of kids, school work, reading, our base responsibilities and normal life. This week has been challenging… we want to know HOW to do missions and we are realizing that there isn’t an easy answer or formula. We are realizing that the amount of work in this season is just a scratch in the surface to the work we will be doing in the nations.

We are acquiring tools though.Tools to pray and intercede for the communities we will be stepping in to. Tools to assess and identify community development issues. Tools to address cross cultural communication. Tools to begin work alongside communities to break cycles of poverty. Tools to help communities thrive long after we leave.
We don’t know what Central Asia will hold and we are becoming more aware that no matter how much we learn we still may not be fully prepared. But…

We know the one who gave his life to save the world.

We know the one that views everything with value and wants reconciliation.

We know that God sees the root of everything as is gently able to turn lies into truth.

We know HE wants to know us more and is willing for us co labor with him to extend his kingdom.

Love you all,
(and Joey, Isaiah, Kyla, Makenna and Noah)