A Month of Thanksgiving

I can’t believe that it is already creeping towards the end of November and soon we will be celebrating the holidays.

This month as we sit back to process everything God has shown us we are full of gratitude. It seems so distant and still like it was yesterday that we chose to say “yes” and follow wherever the Lord leads. It’s been difficult at times, but God has been so faithful to our family in each season. We are so amazed and full of wonder at how He took our once broken and hopeless family and has allowed us to be a part of His bigger plan. We have experienced healing and revelation of who we are in Christ in these last few months as we lean close to the Lord and hear his heart beat for us.

We are now in week nine of SOSM and can’t believe we only have a three more short weeks of lecture. Last week Joey and I prepared our pioneering plan for the next three years and God revealed more facets of his call for us to be a bridge between Central Asia and the States. Seeing God put everything together made what we are walking into even more real! We feel called to mobilize people by training, equipping, leading and sending outreach teams into Central Asia. Our heart is to see a movement of believers rise up through building relationship, acts of service and discipleship.

In January, we will be taking a few weeks to share more about our vision and plan. We are looking for people who would like to hear more about our work and be a part of our team. If you are interested in hosting our family to have one on one conversation, a gathering with your friends, or allow us to speak to your small group, please let us know. We really are depending on you, our faithful supporters and friends to help us expand and obey what God is asking us to do.

We pray that this season you will reflect on all that God is doing in your life and be filled with wonder of his unfailing love! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Lots of Love,
Joey, Laurel, Isaiah, Kyla, Makenna and Noah

We can not do this without you and the support, prayers and encouragement we receive.
This month we have some extra expenses that we’d like you to consider giving towards. 
  • We need about $2500 to cover our remaining SOSM school fees due at the close of our school on December 18th.
  • For Christmas, we’d like to have some extra money to give gifts to our family and community.
  • In January, we are visiting California to share our vision about returning to Central Asia. We need an additional $500 to cover the cost of travel.
If you are able and would like to give a tax deductible financial gift to support our family, please click on the support link above.
*All tax deductible gifts for 2015 must be postmarked by December 31st.
Makenna worships with all her heart. It's beautiful and inspiring to watch her love the Lord.
Laurel subbed in Noah's preschool class. It was a fun day being a part of his day!
Joey and Laurel created and shared their three year vision and plan. It's exciting to see all God wants us to be a part of.
We said "see you later!" To friends that moved to Central Asia. We are looking forward to seeing them next year on the other side of the world!
We had our first snow day! The kids had a blast playing in the snow and enjoying the winter weather!
Laurel and her classmates learned about worldview while cutting up an onion.
Isaiah and his buddies before praying out our friends that moved to Central Asia.
Kenna and Noah checking out the bear at the local zoo.